E- Governance

The introduction of e-governance or electronic governance changed the definition of democracy in India. It brought the government and the general public close. It has brought transparency and equality in the governance. The very soul of e-governance is to reach the general public. E-governance is revolution in ICT that has reduced the long chained hierarchy and unnecessary delays.
  • We at Aparna work to bridge the gap through provide user friendly portals that are easily accessible and understood.

  • We understand the plight of citizens and hence provide services that are free from the clutches of setbacks.

  • To deliver the services that suits all the bodies involved in e-governance; the governing and governed is our motive.

  • To meet the needs the PPP (public-private partnership) mode of e-governance is excelling in the country as we ought to deliver quality services


Telecommunication has an influence in every of sphere of a human life. It has impacted our lives so immensely that nobody can think of living without telecommunication. The exchange of essential information to any corner of the world could be made possible only through the rise of telecommunication. It has jumped leaps from just voice calls and media transfer to live chats. Technology is changing every day. In this era of swift changes, remaining status-quo will lead us nowhere.
  • We provide the latest technological support system to our telecom partners understanding their prerequisites.

  • We have a satisfied group of clients who rely on our services and we wish to expand our client base by providing advanced technology in the telecom sector.

  • We ought to embrace maximum telecom services, making us the one stop for all the communication desires.

Software Development

Creative software tells everything about the application. Sophisticated coding and technology are the reason behind ever increasing overall growth. A brilliant software is required in almost every field, be it science and technology, medicine, agriculture, governance, education and what not. This has given birth to software engineering that excels in the field of creation of software that is easy to handle and fulfills all the requirements of a user.
  • Our customers have experienced an excellent team working for meeting the needs of the users.

  • We have a team of experienced, talented and qualified software engineers who look forward to provide technologically sound software.

  • Our expert team assists you to provide excellent designs and an integrated development system.

Imports & Exports

In the globalised world, everybody is connected in a way that surviving without global services have become difficult. Import and export services have made this easy. A product manufactured in one country can easily be transferred to another in just a few hours. This booming consumption demand is understood by us and hence we cater to provide our import and export services.
  • We take care of your preferences in delivering your goods and services throughout the globe.

  • We have made the process transparent to our customers as it is effortless to track your consignments.

  • Import-export is not just an opportunity for us but we value your business needs and care for your loved ones.

Solar Energy

The energy resources we depend upon are depleting rapidly. It is hence the need to explore energy sources which are provided by nature. Sun is the natural source of energy that is trapped in the solar panels used for lightening and heating. Solar panels are used worldwide from huge organizations to small houses. Utilizing the natural resources to fulfill the increasing energy needs can save the nation’s from financial debt and improve indigenous techniques.
  • We deal with the manufacturing of equipments and supplying it to the customers for a bright and clear future.

  • New photovoltaic techniques are utilized to manufacture solar panels.

  • The expert engineers know how to trap the clean energy for all the energy requirements.

Logistic Handling

Logistic handling requires the movement of goods and services from one end to the other. In other words, it requires proper handling and supply from manufacturer’s end to a customer. Flow of materials, packaging, warehousing, of tangible and intangible goods such as food items, equipments, chemicals, instruments etc. is all what is included in logistics.
  • With minimum resources we deal with logistics around the globe in a very short span of time.

  • We are the name behind successful warehousing.

  • We have a digitalized system to handle the complex logistics that is optimized and modeled in an efficient manner.

  • The entire channel from planning to supply is taken care by an efficient team.

CCTV & Monitoring

The use of CCTV cameras has increased in the recent years due to breach in law and threat to security to general public. CCTVs are connected with monitors that enable the user to keep an eye on the events that take place at a particular place. Use of CCTV in public places is commonly used nowadays to control any antisocial incident to happen.
  • The security system we provide enables one to get a detailed report of events in real time.
  • Perpetual security surveillance has enabled the IT experts to catch any loophole in the functioning.
  • In case of any security breach, the advanced technology used in our equipment send security alert signals to local authorities.
  • Remote video surveillance feature present video surveillance, inform authorities and sound alarms.

Electrical Design & (MEP) Projects

Aparna Overseas was established in the year 2003, as a certified “A” Grade Electrical Engineering Contractors firm in Hyderabad region of Telangana State. With sheer hard work and commitment, today, we are standing amidst the emerging Electrical Contracting Service providers with an extra inch of competive edge. We have an expertise in design, erection of substations up to 33KV, Internal / External electrification works of buildings, Industries, automation systems, Project/Facility Management Services and Industrial integrated automation solutions by virtue of solid core competencies and having hands on experience for more than two decades. We are also engaged in the business of Green Energy EPC Projects. We deal with power conditioning products like On-line UPS systems, Isolation Transformers, Servo Controlled Stabilizers and Solar Power Systems. Further, we are also an authorized Distributor for MENNEKES® products (Germany make Industrial Plugs & Sockets).

Business Consulting

Business consultants are the experts having knowledge about the changing global requirements to develop the business and someone who have great understanding of the prerequisites that are needed to grow in the competitive world. An advice of a consultant has an enormous impact on the growth of a business as everything from planning to execution depends on him/her.
  • We have a history of influencing businesses through our experts having indepth knowledge about the technicalities of business.

  • We focus on the minute factors that can take a business from a start up to a top notch company.

  • Technologically improved dedicated team of youth and experienced advisors are always ready will zeal to take a business to heights.

Wireless Environment

The performance of the light emitting diode is optimized by the wireless environment. It is a technology innovated to improve the LED lightening technology. To create a general purpose application environment is the main essence of wireless environment. The present technologies are advanced through the wireless environment.
  • We provide an effective management to integrate various applications, software, and hardware manufacturers to reach a higher platform.

  • A wide range of devices with vendor specific capabilities are presented.