Christian Wedding Symbols and Traditions

Christian Wedding Symbols and Traditions

Find out of the significance that is biblical of symbols and traditions


Christian marriage is more than the usual agreement; it really is a relationship that is covenant. With this good explanation, we come across symbols regarding the covenant Jesus made out of Abraham in lots of of today’s Christian wedding traditions.

The Covenant Ceremony

“Easton’s Bible Dictionary” explains that the Hebrew term for covenant is berith, which comes through the root meaning “to cut.” a bloodstream covenant ended up being an official, solemn, and binding agreement—a vow or pledge—between two parties produced by “cutting” or dividing of More Bonuses pets into two components.

In Genesis 15:9–10, the bloodstream covenant started with all the sacrifice of animals. After splitting them correctly in two, the pet halves were arranged opposite one another on a lawn, making a path among them. The 2 events making the covenant would walk from either end associated with path, fulfilling in the centre.

The conference ground between animal pieces had been thought to be holy ground. There the 2 people would slice the palms of these hands that are right then join these fingers together while they mutually pledged a vow, guaranteeing all their legal rights, belongings, and advantageous assets to one other. Read More »